The School curriculum leads to sound academic growth. However involvement in co-curricular activities is an essential part of schooling. Some of the activities which the school provides are:

  • Sports & Games - Volley ball, Basket Ball, Foot ball, Badminton, Cricket, Indoor games etc.
  • Art & Craft - Drawing, Painting, Craft work and creating best out of waste, clay work.
  • Music - Instrumental & Vocal(Light Music/Classical)
  • Dance - Classical, Semi classical, contemporary, folk, Salsa etc.
  • Computer - Multimedia presentation, Graphic designing, Desk Top Publishing (DTP), C++Programming, Net Bean Programming, Oracle,My-Sql,Internet, Web designing, Online Project etc.
  • Reading scheme activities - Students are exposed to words, sentences, stories as per their level so that they enjoy hearing, repeating, understanding and dem- onstrating.
  • Language Enrichment programme - Providing opportunity for students to master the language through constant exposure to audio and audio-visual inputs to build ex-pression and Vocabulary using dialogue and discussions.
  • Personality development, Programme Paper presentation, Radio talks, lectures, Seminars, communication skills in English, Manners and Etiquette and value education.
  • Audio-visual learning supplement - Learning by doing is the call of the day especially for junior classes. The school enriches the curriculum with AV aids to ensure better understanding and retention.