Total Campus area 34,317 square meters (8.48 acres)
Total Built-up area 3,218 square meters
Total Play Ground area 8,800 square meters
Green area 22,299 square meters


Number of Class Rooms 

81 (Size : approx. 400 square feet each room)

School runs in two shifts including Pre-Primary wing)
Computer Science Labs 2 (Size: approx. 800 square feet each lab) with 120 computer systems, fully air-conditioned
Physics Lab

1 (Size : approx. 800 square feet)
Seating 40 students

Biology Lab

1 (Size : approx. 800 square feet)
Seating 40 students.

Chemistry lab

1 (Size : approx. 800 square feet)
Seating 40 students.

English Language Lab

2 (Size : approx. 400 square feet each lab)
Seating 80 students at a time

Number of Library

2 (with capacity of 80 students)
with total 17,000 books apart from Periodicals
& Magazines. In recent e-Library (60 seater)
has been introduced

Number of Smart Class

40 (including Pre-Primary : 14)

Number of E-Learning Room

1 (for 300 students for competitive exam.)

Football Ground


Handball Ground 


Cricket Pitch 


Volley Ball Court 


Basket Ball Court
Central Cultural Hall


Number of Utility

180 with modern amenities

(Boys : 90, Girls : 90)

Drinking Water

10 nos. high capacity water coolers dispensing RO purified           

Water from central 24 KL -RO purification system

Number of School Bus 

27 (own) 52 seater

Number Infirmary Room 

2 (with all modern equipment)

Number of Ambulance 

1 (with all required equipment)

Number of CCTV Camera 

76 Covering the entire Campus and Class rooms.

Details of E.R.P. System

Ultra-Modern E.R.P. system & Mobile app with more than

20 comprehensive modules (through cloud

server), online student attendance, payment

gateway, parent login etc.