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His Grace Dr. Stephanos Mar Theodosius popularly known as Bhilai Thirumeni or Bada Baba was born on 2 October 1924 as the fifth son of Chacko Kurien and Mariamma of Kayalath family in Pathamootom, Kottayam. He obtained B.A from C.A. Jain College, Jabalpur, M.A from Mahakeshal University, Jabalpur, B.D from General Episcopal Seminary, New York and S.T. M from Konnett Berkeley Divinity School. He received in 1946 his deaconship and in 1947 his priesthood from His Holiness Baselios Geevarghese II Catholicos of the East. The Malankara Syrian Christian Association, which met on 2 October 1974 at Niranam, elected him to the order of Episcopa. On 15 February 1975, Daniel Mar Philexinos made him Ramban. On 16 February 1975, he was elevated as Metropolitan Stephanos Mar Theodosius at Niranam. He was appointed as Diocesan head of Madras from 1976 to 1979 and as head of Calcutta Diocese since 1979. He served as Director of St. Thomas Mission, Bhilai, as Manager of St. Thomas College Bhilai, and also of all the educational institutions under the diocese, and principal of St.Thomas Seminary, Nagpur. He laid the foundation for the first village Mission movement in North India. He was giving leadership to Macodia Mission, Bhilai Mission Centre, Ashram, Hospitals and Schools.

His life Cycle

1924, Oct.2 - Was born as the fifth child to Mr. Kurian and Mrs. Mariama of Kayyalathu family at Pathamuttam. 
1942 - Passed Teachers Training Certificate examination from Changanacherry. 
1946, April 25 - Ordained as Deacon by H.H Geevarghese II, the Catholicose at Sleeba Church Pathamuttam. 
1947 - Was ordained as priest by H.H Geevarghese II, the Catholicose. 
1947 - Celebrated first Holy Qurbana on Palm Sunday. 
1952, April 1 - Arrived in Jabalpur. 
1952, April 6 - Offered the first Holy Qurbana outside Kerala at the Garrison Church, Jabalpur on the Catholicate day and Jabalpur parish was formed. 
1956 - Joined Leonard Theological College, Jabalpur for theological studies and later discontinued. 
1956 - Passed the B.A. examination from D.N. Jain College, Jabalpur. 
1956 - Passed the B.A. examination from D.N. Jain College, Jabalpur. 
1957, Aug 15 - (Bhilai Orthodox Parish was formed) Celebrated the first Holy Qurbana in Bhilai. 
1958 - Passed M.A. in History from Mahakoshal, Jabalpur. 
1959 - Was appointed as the Vicar of St. Marys Church, Dadar, Mumbai. 
1961 - Was appointed as the Vicar of Malaya- Singapore Parishes. 
1965 - Got admission in General Theological Seminary, New York. 
1966 - Was awarded B.D. degree. 
1967 - Secured STM degree from Bercklely Divinity School at Yale University Campus. 
1967, Dec - Assumed the Vicarship of the Parish of Bahrain. 
1972 - The Silver Jubilee of Priesthood was celebrated in Bahrain. 
1972 - Was given the charge of Bhilai Mission, as its first Director and the Vicarship of Bhilai Parish. 
1974, Oct 2 - Malankara Association held at Niranam elected Fr. Punnoose to be a Bishop along with Fr. M.V.George, Fr. Paul Varghese, Fr. K.C.Thomas and Fr. P V Joseph. 
1975, Feb 15 - Professed as Ramban at Puthencavu St. Marys Orthodox Church. 
1975, Feb 16 - Consecrated as Bishop at Niranam Valiyapally. 
1976 - Was given the charge of the Diocese of Madras. 
1979 - Was given the charge of the Calcutta Diocese. 
1986, Jan 25 - Consecration of the diocesan centre and chapel was performed by H.H Marthoma Mathews I, the Catholicose. 
1986 - Laid the foundation stone of St.Thomas College. 
1986 - Adopted the Makodia Mission Centre. 
1990 - Was awarded Doctor of Divinity (Honoris Causa) by General thelogical Seminary, New york. 
1993-94 -The Calcutta Diocesan Council took the decision to celebrate the year as the Saptati year of its shepherd. 
1994 - Bagdona Mission Center was inaugurated. 
1998 - Started M.P.C.C.E.T in Bhilai, the first Engineering college run by the Church.. 
2007 November 5 - Called for His Heavenly Abode by His Master
2007 November 8 - Funeral Conducted at Bhilai Mission centre