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A library is like a bank, the only difference being that we borrow books instead of money. However, our school library is a center where knowledge is polished and groomed. All sorts of magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, biographies, holy books and scripture, etc can be availed. Here at MGM, we strongly believe that technology will never be able to replace books though it may well alter its appearance. A library endowed with thousands of articles and books coupled with a resource center carves out an impeccable amalgamation of wholesome knowledge provided to all the students.

Newton’s program of "experimental philosophy" firmly and successfully established the central methods of physics, whereby inference from experience guides formulation of hypotheses, whose predictions are validated by experiment. Laboratory activities in high school physics provide experience with phenomena, a starting place for the systematic development of students’ ideas,   and a testing ground for the predictive power of their reasoning.

The role of the laboratory is central in high school physics courses since students must construct their own understanding of physics ideas. This knowledge cannot simply be transmitted by the teacher but must be developed by students in interactions with nature and the teacher. Meaningful learning will occur where laboratory activities are a well-integrated part of a learning sequence. The separation of laboratory activities from the lecture is artificial, and not desirable in high school physics.
Our Physics lab is equipped with all equipments which helps the students to perform practicals.


Chemistry is the science concerned with interactions of matter. Laboratory experiments and investigations are an important part of any chemistry course.  Familiarization with basic equipment is essential to laboratory success. Our  Chemistry lab is equipped with all Safety Equipment, Heating Equipment, Beakers and Flasks, Distillation Apparatuses, Volumetric Glassware etc.


 Experimentation is one of the best ways to learn about biology. By taking a hands-on learning approach, students can get a real sense of biology concepts. Biology lab is a valuable and essential part of any biology course. Lab activities allow you to take the information you have learned in class and actively apply it in a lab. Our Biology lab is equipped with all Biological Specimens.


Computer Science

The computer is the most modern way of leading life now –a –days and to keep our students abreast with the latest knowledge in the field of computers. MGM School is having two fully air-conditioned Computer Laboratories in the school, which caters to students from class 1 to class12. Armed with multiseat consoles, LCD and VGA shares, latest software the computer labs are one of the favorite rooms for the students of all ages. Keeping computer: student ratio as 1:1, each computer lab comprises of 45 Computers.




The school at present provides transport facility from Durg, B.S.P.Township, Bhilai-3, Charoda, Padum Nagar, Dream city, Nehru Nagar, Smriti Nagar, Scindia Nagar, M.P.Housing Board, Kailash Nagar, Ram Nagar, Nandini Road, Power House, Khursipar, Borsi & Padmanabhpur, Risali, Pragatinagar, and Akanshakunj.The student who would like to avail bus facility will have to apply for it in the prescribed form. The bus pass is issued for the academic session. School buses transport children from a radius of 25 to 30 km daily to and from the School. The School owns 15 buses now. Details of routes and charges can be obtained from the School Office.


Sports and Physical Training
Sports at MGM School goes far beyond participation in sports and games. Its primary aim is to encourage the development of intelligent performers who understand and appreciate the importance of a balanced lifestyle. Through the Primary and Middle Years programmes, students are encouraged to develop critical thinking, reflect on their actions and make personal choices that will contribute to long-term healthy living. MGM provides its students multiple opportunities to develop skills in competitive team sports while learning the responsibilities and leadership qualities of team play.                                         


Smart Class Room
MGM has introduced the SMART CLASS, a teacher-led educational content based solution that has dramatically improved learning outcomes for students of all the classes. SMART CLASS consists of the Digital Content library of curriculum, multimedia and 3D content which helps to nurture the inherent potential and talent of each child.