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Absence Rule


  • No leave of absence will be sanctioned except on written application from the parents or guardian showing a valid reason. Even a one day leave should be addressed to the class teacher who will grant it up for three days, the letter has to be submitted to the In-charge. More than three days leave will be granted by the Principal.
  • No leave will be sanctioned during test/Formative Assessment/Summative Assessment/Terminal examinations except on medical grounds.
  • Repeated absence without notice or unexplained absence without written application for more than five consecutive working days renders the students liable to have her/his name struck off from the roll. Re –admission may only be granted after payment of a re-admission fee.
  • It is compulsory for students to have 90% attendance in each term to be eligible to appear for the term assessment.
  • Parents will be promptly informed in the event of serious illness or emergency and may be requested to come to school to take their ward home, if necessary.
  • Indiscipline, irregularity in attendance, damage of school property, nonpayment of school dues and unauthorized absence for a long period of time can lead to issue of compulsory T.C.
  • A student can be asked to leave the school on grounds of indiscipline, unsatisfactory progress in studies and irregularity in attending classes and other compulsory activities of the school.

  • Students are expected to reach school 10 minutes before the start of the school. Students arriving late will not be allowed to enter the school premises without a plausible explanation.
  • Arriving late for school is not acceptable. Students found to have come late for more than one day in a turn will not be allowed to attend classes on second such occurrence and disciplinary action shall be taken against them.